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At Active Light Sound we put our full creative and artistic energy in to every project we work on.

As artists and visionaries we take a creative approach to everything we do and never tackle any project the same way.


Every collaboration starts with a conversation and we love connecting with filmmakers to view their film and hear their vision for their project. We offer a full creative brief where we can go over fine details while setting the foundation for how we approach the music. During the pre production stage we like to build a strong sense of communication with who we are working with. Prior to entering production we will share sound samples to ensure being on the same page.


Once the outline for the composition is in place we can enter production. The first stage is recording where we capture all our music in the Active Light Studio. We are meticulous about every detail while we compose and capture the sound, and continually tweak and explore sonics until it resonates. The second stage involves mixing and editing to bring the music to a professional quality of standard for cinema.


After the final mix is in place the music can go in to mastering. We provide our clients with two versions of the final audio, one that is mastered for iTunes and another that is mastered for film. We can then take the finished music and assist with mixing the audio directly to the film.

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